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Browser - Internet Browsers

Chat - Chat programs, communcation between people

Game - Games

Media - Media players, tools, codecs, editors

System - System related tools (AV scanners, registry, defrag...)

Utility - All other utilities

zNope - No category

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Name Category Site Description
ConEmu Utility Windows console emulator with tabs and lots of features
Rufus Utility Install USB boot flashdrive
FastStone Photo Resizer Utility
Mp3tag Utility
Bulk Rename Utility Utility
Mumble Chat Voice Chat
Chrome Browser Google's web browser. Ram hungry, but better for weak processor computers. proving to be less so with every update.?standalone=1&platform=win64
Firefox Browser Mozilla's web browser.
FileZilla Utility FTP
Cool Timer Utility
Steam Game Games platform (now also software, and movies)
TeamViewer Utility tech support, remote connection
Libre Office Utility Free Microsoft office replacement.
7-Zip Utility file compression, stop using winrar
Pidgin Chat Multi-protocol chat (AIM, GMAIL, XMPP, Facebook, Steam(plugin), etc.
mpc-be Media Media player classic - black edition. continued fork of mpc-hc. VLC but more options and able to use external codecs
Flash Player Media Soon to be dead
foobar2000 Media Simple clean music player (windows). Use Deadbeef for linux
DeaDBeeF Media Simple clean music player (Linux). Use foobar2000 for windows
qBittorrent Utility uTorrent replacement, open-source alt. dont use uTorrent
VLC Media Self contained media player. orange traffic cone. CANNOT use external filters / codecs
GIMP Media free photoshop.
Blender Media 3d rendering, video editing. motion capture. stablization. game engine. 2d editor. hardcore henry. adobe master collection for 130mb and free
HijackThis System clean registries and uninstall list
ImgBurn Utility bit by bit burn images
Notepad++ Utility
DOSBox Game DOS emulator
ePSXe Game
PCSX2 Game
Eclipse Development FOSS IDE, kinda heavy, maybe dont use
PuTTY Utility ssh telnet serial terminal
Super Crate Box Game simple fun game
Audacity Media Simple and FOSS audio recording and editing.
AVStoDVD Media
cdrtfe Utility Disc burner
Java System kinda dead now. we'll see
ScummVM Game
Reader (Adobe) Media
WinCDEmu Utility daemon tools replacement, integrated and lightweight
Stellarium Utility planetarium
Taiga Media My Anime List tracker
Geany Development IDE lightweight
ublock origin Utility no paid filter like adblock plus but legit
OBS Open Broadcasting Software Utility streaming / screen capture software
msys2 / mingw Development gcc compiler suite for windows
KeePassXC Utility Password manager for win/mac/linux